Cryptodumb’s 1st crytocurrency investment lesson: 7 useful websites

Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash

one. I can use Whale Alert, the most advanced #blockchain tracker and analytics system reporting large and interesting transactions as they happen.

two. I can use to sign my wallet.

three. Kraken is founded by a cool CEO.

four. You can create your paper wallet here.

five. At the bottom you can move to GitHub repository.

six. Here’s 14 best exchanges to buy bitcoin in South Korea.

seven. I can compare cryptos here.



Then, my crypto teacher added

“And rules, please!

🌴To do their own research

🌴Buy as much as they don’t regret to lose

🌴Don’t panic and always check sources of info”

I'm writer of two books "Do business like Chinese startups" and "Cycling the silk road, and the letters on the road" I live in Berlin, studying sustainability

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